Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The Barns at Hunsbury Hill – Frequently Asked Questions

Making a Booking

How do I make a booking at The Barns?

A signed booking form is required to secure your booking along with a deposit of 50% of the venue hire charge, a non-refundable catering deposit of £500.00 and a copy of your estimate. Dates can be provisionally held for up to 2 weeks, free of charge.

Is VAT included in the prices quoted in your brochure?

Yes, all venue hire, ceremony and catering package prices include VAT.

Are there minimum numbers that I should be aware of?

The minimum numbers for a wedding are determined by the date of your wedding. You will be notified of your minimum number requirements prior to booking your preferred wedding date. Please note that package bookings for fewer than 40 adult guests, will be charged at the minimum rate of 40 adult guests, except where a 60 adult guest minimum is required.

When do I need to provide my final numbers?

Final guest numbers must be submitted no later than 8 weeks prior to the event and once this invoice has been paid, guest numbers cannot be reduced. Additional guests can be added up to 3 weeks prior to the event but must be paid for immediately.

When do we need to make our final payments?

The final venue hire and ceremony fee balance is to be paid 8 weeks before the event and the balance for the catering package is to be paid no later than 6 weeks before the event.

Do I need to pay a damage deposit?

A refundable £250.00 damage deposit Cheque is required to cover making good of any damage or additional cleaning required.

Can I move my wedding date?

Yes you can move your wedding date. However any alteration of the date will incur a £50.00 administration fee and the difference between your current venue hire rate and any new venue hire rate will be added to your balance invoice. Catering packages prices applicable to your new wedding date will apply.

If I need to cancel my booking, will I lose my booking fee?

If your booking is cancelled within 6 calendar months of the event, the venue hire deposit is non-refundable.  If the cancellation notice is greater than 6 calendar months, 50% of the venue hire deposit will be refundable.

In all circumstances, the £500.00 non-refundable catering deposit will not be refunded.

The Hunsbury Hill Centre Limited reserves the right to suspend or cancel any booking at any time.

In the event of the Centre or any part thereof being rendered unfit for use for which it has been hired, the Hunsbury Hill Centre Limited shall not be liable to the hirer for any resulting loss or damage whatsoever.

Please refer to our Standard Conditions of Hire for our Cancellations Terms in full –


Will our wedding be the only wedding at the venue that day?

Yes, you will have exclusive use of the venue between 9am and Midnight on the day of your wedding.

Will I be able to decorate the venue the day before my wedding?

Access to the venue is from 9am until Midnight on the day of your wedding. We will book a 30 minute appointment at approximately 10am on the day before your wedding for you to drop off your table decorations to the main farmhouse for safe keeping until your wedding day. We would recommend separating your table decorations into a box per table and including instructions of how you would like these to be set up on your tables by the events team. Access to the venue for decoration the day before your wedding is not possible.

Can I hang my own decorations?

You are welcome to set out any low level decorations on the morning of your wedding. Any high level decorations must be hung by a company with Public Liability Insurance and they must also be taken down and removed by the company at the end of the night. Any low level items will be packed up by the events team at the end of the night,  usually into a vehicle, ready for collection the following morning. All items provided by external companies should be taken down / removed at the end of the night.

Are there any restrictions on types of decorations (for example, candles)?

Please ensure that only candles in holders where the rim comes over and above the flame are lit. All electrical items to be used at the venue must have been checked and PAT tested to avoid fire risk. If you are unsure whether we allow a specific item, please ask us for guidance.

What kind of confetti does the venue allow?

Biodegradable confetti or dried rose petals are allowed in the outside areas of the venue.

Do you allow fireworks or Chinese lanterns?

You are specifically requested not to allow the use of fireworks, confetti cannons or Chinese lanterns anywhere in or around the venue.

Can we play music outside?

Background, acoustic music can be played in the bar area during the daytime, without the use of any speakers or amplification of any sort.

Do you have accommodation on site?

We do not have any accommodation; however, there are several hotels in the local area.

The following hotels are among the closest but there are quite a few others;

  • Premier Inn Northampton South (Wootton)
  • Marriott Northampton
  • Ibis Northampton Centre
  • Holiday Inn Northampton
  • Hilton Northampton

Is the venue accessible?

Yes, the High Barn, Low Barn, all toilets and the Bar can be accessed via ramp.

Do you have public liability insurance?

We do have Public Liability insurance but you will need to ensure that all external companies also have the appropriate insurances. We would recommend that you take out your own wedding insurance.

What chairs will you use?

Chiavari chairs, without sashes, are included in the package price.

Do you provide tables for the cake and gifts?

Yes, we provide a table and table cloth for the cake table and the gift table.

Do you provide the cake stand & knife?

A cake stand and knife are not included in the package price.

Can guests leave their cars overnight and collect them the next day?

Cars can be left at the venue at the owners own risk as the site is not locked. All vehicles should be collected by 10.30am the following morning.

Can we use the Low Barn as a preparation room?

Yes of course, access to the Low Barn is from 9am on the day of your wedding. You may need to provide items for this to be possible but we would be happy to discuss this with you. There are black out blinds on all windows if you would like to use the room for getting changed.

Are there any other venue restrictions or Fire Regulations we should be aware of? 

As the hirer, you will be responsible for the supervision and care of the venue during the period of hire.  This will include car-parking to avoid all obstructions, behaviour of all guests and any damage caused to any part of the premises.  The premises shall not be used for any unlawful purposes or in any unlawful way.

For insurance purposes, we do not allow our staff members or members of the public to use ladders at the venue, inside or outside. Only persons with Public Liability insurance are permitted to use ladders to dress the venue. Any items where a ladder has been used to dress the venue must be removed at the time of departure with no exceptions.

Please note that affixing anything to the walls or woodwork, causing any damage, is not allowed.

The passages, doors and staircases shall be kept clear and unobstructed at all times and no chairs or other articles shall be placed there.  The doors of all rooms and all external doors are to be unlocked unless by prior consent.

Where can I find a copy of your Standard Conditions of Hire?

Our Standard Conditions of Hire can be found on our website –


Can we use external caterers?

We do not allow catering or beverages to be provided by anyone other than Impressions Caterers –

Do you offer a menu tasting?

You will be invited to attend a taster evening held at the venue. This is an opportunity to sample examples of dishes provided by Impressions Caterers. A personal menu tasting can be booked with the caterers directly; there will be a charge for this.

How many menu options can we offer to our guests?

We would recommend choosing one meat option and one dietary requirement option to cater for your vegan, vegetarian and gluten free guests. Any other dietary requirements or allergies will be catered for separately to this.

When will we meet with the caterers? 

Upon confirmation of your booking, your details will be passed on to Impressions Caterers, who will contact you in the Autumn / Winter prior to your wedding to arrange your first wedding consultation. During this meeting you will discuss all aspects of your wedding day.

The Hunsbury Hill Centre Limited reserves the right to alter the package arrangements but will endeavour to maintain the package offered subject to availability.

Civil Ceremony

What are the fees involved in holding a Civil Ceremony at The Barns?

A fee for holding your Civil Ceremony at The Barns at Hunsbury Hill is applicable. In addition to this, if you require a registrar, you will need to book this through the following website: There is a fee for booking a registrar that is paid to the Registration Service.

What time should we hold the wedding ceremony?

We recommend holding your ceremony at approximately 12.30pm / 1.30pm. If your ceremony is being carried out by a Registrar, the time of your ceremony will depend on their availability on your chosen wedding date.

How many guests can the venue accommodate for a Civil Ceremony?

There is a limit of between 85 and 96 guests for a Civil Ceremony depending on your chosen room layout.

How many guests can the venue accommodate for a Civil Ceremony in a Semi Circle?

There is a limit of 63 guests (plus the happy couple) for a Semi Circle Civil Ceremony.

Who is responsible for setting up the ceremony?

The event manager and their team will be responsible for setting up the tables and chairs for your ceremony.

How long will it take to walk down the aisle?

  • Approximately 26 seconds from the bar
  • Approximately 30 seconds from the stairs
  • Approximately 7 seconds from double door to barn door

Wedding Breakfast

How many guests can the venue accommodate for a Wedding Breakfast?

There is a limit of between 85 and 96 guests for a Wedding Breakfast depending on your chosen room layout.

The number of persons (including staff and attendants) to be allowed on the premises at any one time shall not exceed 200, each room having the following limits: High Barn 120, Low Barn 50, Bar Patio area 30.

Who is responsible for setting up the wedding breakfast?

The event manager and their team will be responsible for setting up the tables and chairs for your wedding breakfast as well as setting out your table decorations to your instructions.

Do you charge a corkage fee?

Corkage is only applicable to table wine; all other beverages will be provided by the bar.

Is crockery and linen included in the price?

Standard Crockery, Glasses, Cutlery and Buttermilk Table Linen are included in the package prices.

What size tables do you have?

We provide 6ft round tables that can seat 11 guests comfortably and a maximum of 12 guests.

6ft Rectangular tables can be provided for the top table up to a maximum of 12 people.

What table options are there for the top table?

You can either have a rectangular top table or a round top table.

How many tables can we have for the wedding breakfast?

You can either have 7 round tables plus a rectangular top table or 8 round tables in total.

Do you provide microphones for the speeches?

A microphone is not provided but you are welcome to provide your own if you wish.

Evening Reception

How many guests can the venue accommodate in the evening?

There is a limit of 180 guests for the evening reception.

The number of persons (including staff and attendants) to be allowed on the premises at any one time shall not exceed 200, each room having the following limits: High Barn 120, Low Barn 50, Bar Patio area 30.

Is there a sound limiter that the band/DJ needs to be aware of?

There is no sound limiter but your entertainment provider will be expected to work alongside your event manager to keep the sound at a reasonable level.

Could we plug an Ipod into your sound system?

You are welcome to plug an Ipod (or similar) into our system. We would recommend testing this to ensure that it will suit your requirements. We would not recommend using this system for your evening music as it is not suitable for this.

What time does the bar close?

Our bar is licensed to close 30 minutes prior to the end of the hire or at the latest 11.30pm. These times cannot be extended due to licensing restrictions.

What time does the music have to stop?

Our music licence requires the music to stop 30 minutes prior to the end of the hire or at the latest 11.30pm. These times cannot be extended due to licensing restrictions.

Do you allow live music?

Yes, you are welcome to have live music inside the venue; however, this should finish at 10.30pm. A maximum of a 4 piece band is permitted.

External Suppliers

Do we have to use your bar?

Yes, the bar licence is held by Northamptonshire ACRE and the bar services are provided exclusively by Impressions Caterers, you are not permitted to consume any alcohol that has not been provided by The Hunsbury Bar. The only exception to this is table wine where a corkage fee per bottle will be charged. The bar staff are included in the hire of the venue.

Are there any requirements for external suppliers?

All suppliers providing services for your wedding will be required to provide The Hunsbury Hill Centre Limited with copies of their Public Liability Insurance Certificates and should confirm that their equipment is PAT tested.  External suppliers will have access to the venue during the venue hire times stated on your booking form. Contact details for all external suppliers should be provided to The Hunsbury Hill Centre Limited at least 6 weeks prior to your event.

Can I have a bouncy castle or marquee at the venue?

If you wish to site a marquee, awning, bouncy castle or other form of semi-permanent structure, this may only be done with prior consent.

Who do you recommend for venue decoration or DJ?

You are free to use any reputable supplier with the relevant insurances. However, we would be happy to discuss suitable suppliers with you if you wish.

Do we have to use the venue’s recommended suppliers?

No. You are free to use whoever you choose for any services with the exception of the bar and catering. We would require confirmation of Public Liability Insurance and appropriate health and safety documents at least 6 weeks prior to your event. All items provided by suppliers are to be removed at the end of your event, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Other Information

Can I hire a Coach?

You are welcome to hire a coach; however, we would like to make you aware that the venue is in a residential area, we need to be careful in terms of noise disruption and access as the road leading to the venue is very tight. Please ask the company to bear this in mind when dropping off and collecting.

The company also needs to be aware that the driver must bring the coach off Harksome Hill into the venue rather than leaving the coach outside on the main road. If the coach is larger than 50 seats, we recommend the driver waits for you / your guests at one of the bus stops on Hunsbury Hill Road.

As there is no opportunity to turn around in the venue grounds or car park, the company should be made aware that it would be best if the coach is reversed into the venue. The driver will need to keep right as they reverse and stop next to the tin barn, turning the engine off if possible.

Will I get to meet my event manager?

Your final meeting will take place with your event manager at the venue on the Tuesday prior to your wedding. This meeting will include;

  • A full read through of the notes with your designated event manager
  • A site walk around, if possible (please note that the venue will not be set up as on your wedding day due to the venue being in use for other functions)
  • Time for you to provide additional instructions useful for your event manager
  • A discussion of music requirements and logistics for the day
  • Any outstanding questions you may have
  • Arranging the collection of your items – please note that your gifts, cards and valuables should be taken with you or a trusted person at the end of the night.

Suggested timeline for your wedding day:

Estimated Time Itinerary
12.30 Civil Ceremony
1.00 Arrival drinks / Photography / Canapes
2.45 Private Photographs in the main room
3.00 Guests Enter the main room
3.15 Speeches
3.45 Wedding Breakfast
5.45 Break from the room / Ice Cream Shack
6.30 Evening Guests Arrive
7.15 / 7.30 Cake Cut / First Dance
8.00 – 10.00 Evening Food
11.30 Music Stop / Bar Close
Midnight Carriages

If you would like to talk to someone about any queries you may have, please feel free to contact us.