Wedding Day Timeline at The Barns

Wedding Day Timeline at The Barns

We are very excited to help you plan your big day and we wanted to give you an idea of how the timeline of your day is likely look if you book your wedding at The Barns;

At 9am on your Wedding Day – The Event Manager will unlock The Barns ready for Friends and Family to set up any low level items, for suppliers to drop off items such as the cake and flowers and for suppliers to set up any hired items including anything high level. During this time the Event Manager will be ensuring that all plans are in place for the day ahead and setting up the venue for your ceremony, or your wedding breakfast, if you are not holding your ceremony at the venue.

1 hour prior to your Civil Ceremony – Partner 1 will arrive; they will pass any last minute information to the Event Manager along with your Ceremony music, if required. A practice run with the music will take place at this point; you may have a DJ / musician to do this for you.

35 minutes prior to your Ceremony – The Registrars will arrive and will ask the Event Manager to bring partner 1 to the Farmhouse to meet with them, this is nothing to worry about, and they will take some information, ask a few questions and explain details of the ceremony.

30 minutes prior to your Ceremony – The bar will close and your guests will be asked by the Event Manager to take their seats in anticipation of partner 2’s arrival. No drinks are to be taken into the ceremony.

25 minutes prior to your Ceremony – Partner 2 will arrive and should remain in the car, at the top of the stairs.

25 minutes prior to your Ceremony – The Event Manager will collect partner 1 and deliver them to the Best Man, they will be taken to the High Barn and the blinds will be drawn.

20 minutes prior to your Ceremony – The Event Manager will collect the partner 2 once partner 1 is inside the High Barn and deliver them to the Registrars.

15 minutes prior to your Ceremony – The Event Manager will bring the photographer and entourage to the back door of the Farmhouse ready for partner 2 to finish with the Registrars.

10 minutes prior to your Ceremony – Pre photos will be taken by the photographer and partner 2 will be led to the entry door by the Event Manager.

At the time of your Ceremony – The door will open and the music will start, the Ceremony has begun and the door will be closed.

Your Ceremony will last approximately 25 minutes – The happy couple will then go outside for any (biodegradable) confetti throwing and will have their arrival drinks.

Arrival Drinks – The chosen drinks will be served from the bar area unless otherwise agreed.

Canapes – If applicable, the chosen canapes will be served at the same time as the Arrival Drinks.

Photography – After the arrival drinks, the couple will be handed over to the Photographer for their time allocation, this will last roughly 1.5 – 2 hours.

15 minutes prior to your Wedding Breakfast – The couple will be invited into the room with the photographer for a photoshoot before the room is opened up to the guests.

Wedding Breakfast – This will last anything up to 2 hours depending on the meal choice.

Speeches – This will usually last around 30 minutes, the Toast Drink will be poured prior to the start of the speeches.

After the speeches – Everyone will leave the room and staff will clear away some tables ready for the Evening Reception to begin.

Evening Reception – This would normally begin with the Cake Cutting and the First Dance.

Evening food – Depending on the food option, this will usually be served outside from approximately 8pm for up to 2 hours.

11.30pm – The DJ music will stop and the Bar will close. If you have chosen a band for your evening entertainment, they should stop at 10.30pm.

Midnight – The day has come to an end and all guests will be in the process of quietly leaving the venue. Suppliers will arrive to collect their items and take down all high level decorations. All hired items must be removed from the venue at the end of the night.

Recommended Timeline – We will be happy to work with any timeline that you have in mind but we wanted to give you an idea of how a timeline would usually look when incorporating a Civil Ceremony and a Four Course Wedding Breakfast as a guide;

Estimated Time Itinerary
12.30pm Civil Ceremony
1.00pm Arrival drinks / Photography / Canapes
2.45pm Private Photographs in the main room
3.00pm Guests Enter the main room
3.15pm Speeches
3.45pm Wedding Breakfast
5.45pm Break from the room / Ice Cream Shack
6.30pm Evening Guests Arrive
7.15pm Cake Cut / First Dance
8.00pm – 10.00pm Evening Food
11.30pm Music Stop / Bar Close
Midnight Carriages

 The days following the wedding – If you need to leave any items behind for collection later, you can arrange this with the venue. Collection will need to be either; early the following day or a few days later depending on whether the venue is open.

This is generic information, if you do not wish to hold your ceremony at The Barns; please discount any information relating to a civil ceremony.

If you would like more information or would like to arrange a viewing, please feel free to contact us.