Coronavirus COVID-19

Coronavirus COVID-19

It is an uncertain time that we find ourselves in whilst writing this. It is a tough time not just for our industry but for everyone throughout the UK. Our hopes and thoughts go firstly to any of those who are fighting for their lives against Coronavirus COVID-19, their families and those supporting them at this horrific time. Secondly, we are thinking of everyone out there helping in the fight against the virus, our NHS Staff, Emergency Services, Care Workers and all of those still working to help us get through this terrible ordeal, saving lives whilst risking theirs.

We cannot thank you enough!

Next, we turn our focus and attention to our wonderful couples. We know all of your hopes and dreams have been put into planning your special day for 2020. Years of ideas and preparation to make it a magical moment have now been thrown into a cloud of unknown. At this stage, we have no idea when this ordeal will end or how long it will last. We find ourselves in a world of uncertainty where we cannot even guess how long we will be affected by the virus and all that comes with it. We do not know the short or long-term damage it will cause but we must assume that it is here to stay for the foreseeable future, and we must adapt our work and lives accordingly.

For our venue and everyone trying to plan their wedding day with us in the coming months, we will do the best we can for those affected. This brings some difficult and troubled months ahead for our business and all our team members. Although we have comprehensive insurance policies in place, like many other venues and businesses in this industry now, we are not covered for any losses sustained as a result of coronavirus.

Our Next Steps

The Registration Service has put in place restrictions on ceremonies between now and the end of June, which will mean that only 8 people can be present for marriages: the couple, 2 Registrars and 4 guests (of which two must be witnesses). Alongside this, the Government have closed all pubs, restaurants, bars and venues. Unfortunately, this now includes us, so with heavy hearts we have had to shut the venue to all gatherings in order to comply with Government restrictions. Following this we have had the unhappy task of requesting all of our May and June couples to postpone their wedding to a later date. We have been able to offer them the option to select any future available date, transferring any payments already paid across to the new date and the couple will pay the rate relevant to their new date. This has involved compromises being made by both parties so we have tried to make this process as fair as we possibly can. We appreciate this is a difficult and heart-breaking time so are doing everything we can to give everyone a date that works for them, their guests and all suppliers involved.

The Future

We know many of our couples booked for later in the year are feeling anxious about what the future holds for their day and now all we can do is be patient and wait for further updates. The Government and the Registration Service are assessing the situation on a month by month basis and we shall do the same.

If it looks like the situation is to continue into July, and beyond, then we will try and make decisions as soon as possible to give couples who are booked to get married in the relevant month, the same opportunity to postpone their day. We are and will continue to be as flexible and as fair as possible in these circumstances.

Here for You

The team are still here for you, we are currently working from home to ensure we are able to do all we can to keep things moving as smoothly as possible. If you are one of our couples who have already booked your day with us, or a couple who were looking to book, then we are here to offer as much advice and support as you need. If you wish to contact us please email or call 01604 702444 and leave a message. This answerphone message will go to email and will be picked up as soon as possible. We are here for you and are doing all we can to answer your queries as quickly as possible.

On that note we would like to thank all of our couples for trusting in us and for being so patient and understanding in this time of uncertainty.

Please do all you can to look after each other in these difficult times and most importantly stay safe and well.

Best Wishes from The Barns x